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Dell Technologies VxRAIL

Dell Technologies VxRAIL

Built for VMware, with VMware, to enhance VMware.

Whether you are accelerating data center modernization, deploying a hybrid cloud or creating a developer-ready Kubernetes platform, DELL Technologies VxRail delivers a turnkey experience that enables continuous innovation. ​

The fact that our VxRail is integrated directly with VMware is a massive plus…
We don’t have to worry, ‘has it been tested?’

Andrew Sharman, Noble Foods

Dell Technologies VxRail is one of a kind!

Dell Technologies VxRail HCI is the HCI solution of choice for customers standardized on VMware®, namely because it is the only jointly engineered HCI solution with VMware. Find out all details in this e-book.


Partnr.ModelDescriptionPrice *
VxRail 15G compete 2VxRail S670VxRAIL S670, VSAN ADV, 1x Intel 4316(20) Cores@2.3GHz, 8x32GB RDIMM – 2×1.6TB Cashe –
4x4TB 7.2K NLSAS, 3YR PS NBD – ProDeploy Plus
€ 17.373,00
VxRAIL 15G compete 3VxRAIL P670vxRAIL P670, VSAN STD, 2x Intel 5318Y(24) Cores@2.1GHz, 16x32GB RDIMM – 2x800GB cashe –
4×3.84TB SAS RI SSD – 3YR PS & 4hr MC – ProDeploy Plus
€ 25.545,00
VxRAIL 15G compete 4VxRAIL P670VxRAIL P670, VSAN ADV, 2x Intel 6330(28) Cores @ 2 GHz, 8x32GB RDIMM – 1x800GB Cashe –
4×1.92TB SATA SSD – 3YR PS & 4hr MC – ProDeploy Plus
€ 28.632,00

(*) Pricing and configurations are indicative and can change without prior notice. Do not hesitate to contact for any further information or a quotation on one of the above systems. Prices are only valid for IT resellers, registered at TD SYNNEX. Pricing is excl VAT. TD SYNNEX general sales conditions remain valid.

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