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Family Picture

PowerScale Family Picture

PowerScale is the next evolution of OneFS – the operating system powering the industry’s leading scale-out NAS platform that enables you to innovate with your data. OneFS provides the intelligence behind the highly scalable, high–performance modular storage solution that can grow with your business. A OneFS powered cluster is composed of a flexible choice of storage platforms including all-flash, hybrid and archive nodes.

PowerScale F200

The F200 is a cost-effective, compact, all-flash node in a 1U form factor. Powered by OneFS, the F200 is best suited for remote offices, small hospitals, enterprise edge locations or small M&E studios. The F200 can seamlessly co-exist with Isilon nodes and can be deployed at the edge, in the datacenter or in the cloud.workloads, small hospitals, retail outlets, IoT, factory floor and other similar deployment scenarios.

PowerScale F600

Powered by OneFS, the F600 is best suited for vertical markets that need performance and capacity for demanding workloads, like Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financials or Analytics. The F600 can be deployed at the edge, in the datacenter or in the cloud. Newly available solution with InfiniBand backend to seamlessly deploy in existing clusters.

PowerScale F900

With the introduction of the F900 node to the PowerScale family, customers now have a power packed set of file storage options no matter how small or large their workload requirements may be. The multi-processor architecture boasts NVIDIA GPUDirect compatibility to drive demanding workloads with aggregate cluster throughput of 1.5TB/sec and 93 PB of raw capacity.


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