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Dell RISE Rewards

Using Dell RISE Reward Points for Your Next Dell Procurement at TD SYNNEX

Dear partner,

When registered for the Dell RISE Incentive Program, Dell Authorized Partners can earn USD awards when procuring specific Dell products via TD SYNNEX. Check the Dell RISE Program flyer for details on the program. Dell Authorized Partners not yet registered for the RISE program can do this on this link.

RISE awards earned in a quarter will expire at the end of the following (Dell fiscal) quarter. Eligible partners must have redeemed available awards against Dell products purchased at TD SYNNEX before that date.

Redeem RISE awards:

  • Partners will receive an email from Dell Technologies at the start of a new quarter showing the earned RISE awards during the previous quarter. (If not, login to the Dell Incentive Webpage where you can check available RISE awards.)
  • On this mail or on the Dell Incentive Webpage, click the “Redeem Your RISE Awards Now” bottom. 
    NOTE that you will only be able to redeem points during the redemption period!
  • Select: “Redeem RISE awards for an E-Voucher”
  • Select TD SYNNEX as distributor of choice to redeem available awards against a new order for Dell products at TD SYNNEX.
  • Partner will receive via email an Electronic Voucher from the Dell RISE Program, confirming the value and expiration date for use.

Pay for a new Dell order at TD SYNNEX with RISE awards

  • Partner must send the Electronic voucher to together with a new Dell order. This new order must only include Dell Technology products!
  • TD SYNNEX will deduct the RISE voucher value from the invoice for this order.
  • When (Dell Technology) products are ordered via TD SYNNEX InTouch, the reseller needs to include the following note in the Vendor Approval No field: “Please apply Dell RISE Voucher ID: XXXXXX

IMPORTANT REMARK: TD SYNNEX will only be able to deduct the RISE voucher value from the invoice when the order is invoiced to the partner before the voucher expiration date!


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