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Top Reasons

Why customers choose Dell APEX Cloud Platform
for Microsoft Azure

1 – Choice

Many organizations want to flexibly utilize public cloud infrastructure, on-prem datacenters as well as edge locations to build, modernize and deploy applications at an unprecedented pace. The Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure empowers organizations to predictably, efficiently and flexibly extend Azure public cloud to on-prem locations in order to accelerate their modern application roll out.

2 – Commonality

If not done right, hybrid and multicloud deployments can require disparate tools and operating frameworks, resulting in complexity and suboptimal operations. The Dell APEX Cloud Platform delivers operational excellence by leveraging a common set of operational tools as well as common infrastructure building blocks.

3 – Consistency

Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure accelerates productivity with consistent, familiar operational and developer experiences. By integrating with familiar Microsoft management tools like Windows Admin Center and Azure Portal, the platform simplifies management for the entire technology stack. The platform also optimizes delivery of Azure Arc-enabled app and data services, bringing consistency and predictability to application environments while boosting developer productivity

4 – Compatibility

Application agility relies on the ability to place data and applications based on workload requirements. APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure offers a compatible storage layer and application services across locations, enabling you to flexibly extend data and applications across Azure public cloud, on-premises datacenter and edge infrastructure effortlessly. 

5 – Control

Security and governance is a top concern for organizations adopting hybrid and multicloud operating models. The APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure provides a centralized mechanism for enforcing security and governance policies across dispersed locations through integrations with Azure management and governance services. Further, the platform takes an intrinsic, multilayer approach to security, ensuring the entire technology stack always remains compliant and secure. protect your apps and data and improve your security posture.


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