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Let Our Money Work For You!

Let Our Money Work For You

TD SYNNEX Capital believes that every organisation – large and small – should have the opportunity to get the most out of innovative technology.

Using capital expenditure is often not the most relevant payment option when investing in new devices, equipment and software. Organisations prefer to finance, lease or rent IT solutions over a period of time. That is why we offer tailor-made payment solutions that allow you and your customers to drive growth with limited budget. This way they can still benefit from the latest offerings.

Achieve Maximum Success

Internet growth
Increase your credit capacity
Maximize cash flow
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Reduce credit risk
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Accelerate and grow sales
More profitable deals
Get paid upfront for
multi-year transactions
Lock out competition
for longer
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A step above the rest

When it comes to the channel selling experience, no one understands it better than your distribution partner.

You are already purchasing your products and solutions through us, so why not drive accelerated growth by integrating additional payment options? When you close a financing deal with TD SYNNEX Capital, you get funded for the full term upfront, eliminate your credit risk, and provide more value to your clients.

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We understand selling in the channel and the challenges you face. Our process is built around how and what you sell.



We have a diverse team of financial sellers who get IT financing like no one else.

Multiple choices


From a fair market value (FMV) lease to subscription and consumption. We can do it all.



We built our contracts with your customers in mind. They are short by industry standards and we send everything digitally to make it easy for customers to review and sign.

Ways to Pay

There is a payment solution for every type of IT project; whether you’re about to complete a cloud migration or have a software development project planned, TD SYNNEX Capital is ready to help you make it a success.

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Vendor Agnostic Solutions
Software Payment Agreements
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Managed Service Financing
Subscription Financing

The Power of Payments

“We brought in TD SYNNEX Capital to help bring in a deal with 3 days left in the quarter. Our customer was able to get the solution they needed and defer their first payment for 60 days.”

“Our customer was looking to establish a pay-as-you-go model for a large mobility project. TD SYNNEX Capital was able to give them finance terms and now we have a large refresh cycle we can look forward to every 3 years.”

“We offer a monthly payment from TD SYNNEX Capital on almost

every deal and have increased our close rates by 34%.”

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