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Storage Smart Selection

Benefits to you

  • Top selling configurations
    • Ready to order, pre-configured storage solutions
  • Competitive price
    • A pre-approved price, just click and buy
  • Easy to sell
    • Always priced lower than CTO configurations
  • Flexible offers
    • Customize your solution with hardware, software and services upgrades
  • Promotions
    • Check the latest promotions available and save even more
  • Discount
    • Add an approved Deal Registration to get additional discount

How does it work?

You can find Dell Technologies Storage Smart Selection Offers on the Dell Solution Configurator (OSC) by searching for Smart Selection Flexi

(Check-out how). Select a base configuration, optimize if needed and share it with

Alternatively you can contact for a quotation.

(Please ask for Smart Selection Storage Bundle Pricing!).

Don’t forget to link your approved Dell Technologies Deal Registration for an even better price!

The value offers


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