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Special discounts and programs

Special discounts and programs

Smart Selection Storage Promotions

Dell EMC Storage Smart Selection Offers, including the PowerVault series, are Dell’s bestselling pre-configured storage systems, always priced competitively to the market:

  • Easy to sell due to high market demand and competitive pricing
  • Always priced lower compared to CTO configurations
  • Pre-approved price saves a lot of time dealing with finance
  • Ability to upsell with Hardware, Software and Services
  • Last but not least: Add approved Deal Registration to get additional discount!
  • Check Out the Dell Smart Selection Storage Promotions

You will find product descriptions on some (entry) Dell Storage Smart Selection Bundles on InTouch.

However, you will not be able to order those products on InTouch. Please always contact for a final quotation based on the latest pricing and leveraging special Deal Registration condition when a Deal Registration has being approved by Dell Technologies.


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