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Whether the data is created at the edge, in the data center, or in the public cloud, you need a better way to manage your data. With a portfolio of solutions to handle file, object and streaming data, PowerScale unstructured data solutions can confidently address all of the workloads you care about.

The benefits

Simplicity at
any scale

With a scale-out architecture, you provision capacity and performance only as needed – no overprovisioning storage or fork-lift upgrades. With a single namespace, single file system environment and enterprise-class data services, you get agility, simplicity, flexibility and performance with increased efficiency and new automation capabilities. Manage your data, not your storage. Eliminate islands of storage with support of a data lake that can scale to PBs of capacity.

Any data,

Enterprise-class unstructured data services with simultaneous multi-protocol support – with introduction of S3 access to our data platform you can handle even more with a mix of File, Object and Hadoop data access. Run at new locations, including the edge and in the cloud, with native Google Cloud Platform and Azure support. Support for multi-cloud data access with maximum choice and flexibility.


Get insights about your infrastructure and your data with CloudIQ and DataIQ. CloudIQ makes it easy to determine the health of your systems.

across their data center. DataIQ makes it easy for anyone to find and understand data within file and object stores. Native HDFS support with leading analytics vendors.

Why choose PowerScale?

Top 5 reasons to choose PowerScale

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