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Top Reasons

Top Reasons


Workload Delivery
  • The Dell PowerVault Series brings the essential features of high-end storage to small-medium businesses — simply and affordably. These storage systems drive application performance higher for a wide range of businesses and applications.
  • With its flexible connectivity options, the PowerVault arrays offer significant advantages for SAN/DAS workloads with outstanding IOPs, bandwidth, scale and latency.
  • Designed to deliver the performance of flash with the best economics of disk, the PowerVault systems are the perfect fit for small-scale storage consolidation, application acceleration, and business continuity.


It’s really simple

Simple installation, intuitive usage and all the capabilities to perform management tasks.

  • Customers can accelerate their configuration efforts and begin to use the PowerVault in 15 minutes!
  • A new HTML 5 management interface is now the fastest way to set up a PowerVault system. Simply use the new intuitive web browser to configure and manage storage profiles, network connections, alerts and more.
  • The new PowerVault ME Storage Manager (MESM) interface supports all major browsers, offering a rich feature set with a modern, responsive design.
  • MESM lets customers handle common management tasks from convenient locations and at their own pace, for the tasks that make sense for their workflow.
  • PowerVault also supports its own CLI and the REST API.


All-Inclusive Software

All the software needed to store, manage and protect your data.


Future-Proof Loyalty

The Future-Proof Loyalty Program is available to all customers delivering peace of mind, investment protection and of course a path forward that ensures a modern storage infrastructure will be in place.


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