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Dell PowerProtect



Simple, efficient and agile data protection.

PowerProtect appliances are your one stop for proven and modern data protection. Keep up with relentless data growth, secure mission critical apps and meet the needs of emerging workloads wherever they are located. PowerProtect simplifies data protection operations and reduces risk, enabling you to meet SLAs while lowering costs with:

Dell PowerProtect – Data Manager Appliance

The PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance provides a unified user experience and automates discovery and protection of databases, VMs, file systems and Kubernetes containers.

Partnr.ModelDescriptionPrice *
DM5500_12TBData Protection DM5500-12TBDM5500-12TB usable Capacity, Intel X710 Quad Port 10GbE BASE-T, 3y ProSupport€ 11.555,00
DM5500_12TB_RSData Protection DM5500-12TB SWDM5500-12TB required software license€18.554,00

Target Appliances – DataDomain DD series

Data Domain backup appliances deliver enterprise performance, efficiency and scale. Designed to meet backup, archive, disaster and cyber recovery needs for organizations of all sizes, DD Series easily integrates with Dell Technologies and third-party backup software.

Partnr.ModelDescriptionPrice *
DD3300-8_FXDD3300-8Data Domain 3300-8 VIVP, 2Power Supply Unit, 1xquad-1GbE, 1xDual-10GbE SFP++,
8TB usable Capacity / approx. 200TB Max logical Capacity, 3Yr. 
ProSupport NBD On-Site Service
€ 8.435,00
DD3300-16_FXDD3300-16Data Domain 3300 2Power Supply Unit, 4×10 GbE ports 10-Base-T, 1x Mgm’t port,
16TB usable Capacity / approx. 300TB Max logical Capacity, 3Yr. 
ProSupport NBD On-Site Service
€ 12.754,00
DD3300-32_FXDD3300-32Data Domain 3300-32, 2Power Supply, 4x10GbE ports 10-Base-T, 1x Mgm’t port,
32TB usable Capacity / approx. 500TB Max logical Capacity, 3Yr.  ProSupport NBD On-Site
€ 22.358,00
DD6400-24DD6400-24DD6400-24TB – 2Power Supply, 4 x 10GbE, Cyber Recovery Vault Function Enabled –
3Yr. ProSupport NBD Onside
€ 10.849,00
DD6400-24_DAEDD6400-24_DAEDAE with the Smart Selection pricing benefit
(required for the capacity sizes from 48TB and upwards)
€ 9.384,41
DD6400-24SWDD6400-24SWDD6400 24TB SW Required License€ 11.053,00
CyberRecoveryEMEA_CyberRecovery_38564_VPCyber Recovery Vault optionFREE

(*) Pricing and configurations are indicative and can change without prior notice. Do not hesitate to contact for any further information or a quotation on one of the above systems. Prices are only valid for IT resellers, registered at TD SYNNEX. Pricing is excl VAT. TD SYNNEX general sales conditions remain valid.

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