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Ideal Workloads

Ideal Workloads for PowerVault

Dell PowerVault Series are simple, fast and affordable storage arrays, purpose-built and optimized for accelerating SAN/DAS virtual workloads for any size business. PowerVault Storage is qualified with Dell PowerEdge Servers for effective, simplified and rapid solution deployment.

Ideal Workloads

High Performance Computing

Customers get powerful capabilities when they attach Dell PowerEdge Servers to highly available PowerVault storage for the ultimate high-performance computing experience. PowerVault supports HPC parallel file systems like PixStor and BeeGFS with modular building blocks in small, medium, and large configurations combined with best practices and reference architectures. With PowerVault storage, customers can flexibly scale throughput and capacity for optimum performance and throughput.

Safety and Security/CCTV

The rise of global surveillance has created demands for reliable, available and flexible storage solutions to keep pace with advances in video technology and capacity growth. PowerVault storage provides a solid foundation as a video archive and capacity expansion solution that will keep pace with your surveillance needs. With PowerVault, customers get high throughput and scalability to support video from hundreds of surveillance cameras at any bit rate


Dell PowerVault Series and Dell PowerEdge Servers are ideal for optimizing your VMware and Microsoft virtualization environments. The PowerVault Series has been tested and validated with PowerEdge Servers running different host operating systems with vSphere and Hyper-V. Directly attaching ME4 to PowerEdge Servers simplifies the challenges of server capacity expansion and business applications get high-speed access to data.

Virtual Desktop Workloads

For VDI workloads, PowerVault storage with Dell PowerEdge Servers is the ideal combination to ensure a quality end user experience and maximize the cost of running persistent virtual desktops. Using this infrastructure combination, customers will be able to centrally manage their VDI environment and launch up to 1,300 virtual desktops in just under 22 minutes.

Backup & Recovery

When customers need reliable, low cost backup and recovery, they turn to PowerVault storage. We’ve simplified block-based data protection for SMBs and have Veeam certification for PowerVault storage. Now customers can easily and affordably connect PowerVault with Dell and 3rd party backup solutions.


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