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The rise of productivity

Following the launch of our newest TASKalfa high-end colour (4054ci, 5054ci, 6054ci, 7054ci) and monochrome (5004i, 6004i, 7004i) devices at the end of October, we kindly confirm the availabilty of some extra marcom assets which could increase the rise of productivity.

Interesting data

Kyocera Ebook


The e-book / brochure provides a deeper understanding of all device specifications and their benefits for users in terms of usability, productivity, security, artificial intelligence and the environment. It is available for download hereunder in English; it will soon be available on our website as well in FR and NL.


A so called ‘battlecard’ is available for your sales people. This asset focuses – in a nutshell – on the topics of security, usability, productivity, excellence and reliability and is a sales aid for conversations with your customers.

Kyocera Battlecard

Product movie

And finally, the product movie is available on our YouTube channel; besides the long version (14 minutes), the different topics of this video are available in seperate shorter videos as well;
the FR versions are also at your disposal here.

We are convinced that these marcom assets can help the rise of productivity and can also help you at different stages of your sales cycle to inform your customers of the benefits that our document solutions can provide for them.

We are here for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of TD SYNNEX’s Trusted Advisors.