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Our Corporate Philosophy

“Respect the Divine and Love People”

The philosophy of the Kyocera founder, Dr. Kazuo Inamori, said Kyocera’s mission is “to do what is right as a human being”, a concept they include in all their decision making. By showing the importance of fairness and diligent effort, it serves as a paradigm for their conduct.

From humble roots, they’ve grown by putting customers first, opening up new worlds by leveraging leading-edge technologies in many areas.

Their founder’s pioneering philosophy guides how they work and it shapes their vision for the future of the smarter workplace. They’re using it to solve your business challenges.

It’s how they work with you that matters

Kyocera Document Solutions may be global and forward thinking, but the way they work with you is personal and hand-in-hand, as human to human. Their philosophy and values help them strive to live the right way and act responsibly, changing things for the better and respecting people and their precious environment. Only then can they meet your hardware and software needs, prove to be your trusted, valued business partner and make a difference, together.

Aiming to be a valuable partner that grows together with you

Customers now look for borderless streamlining of operational processes and the need for quick decision-making has increased. The volume of documents handled on the business front line has grown exponentially. Issues involved with document processing are multiplying.

Kyocera delivers products and services that delight their customers, they take the ‘Customer-First’ Principle as their top priority. For more than 20 years, they have minimised environmental impact by developing long-life, low-waste printers and multifunctional products.

Kyocera and the environment

They have a clear vision on how they should work to protect our precious planet and they pioneer products that help solve eco problems.

Kyocera’s quest to make working spaces smarter

Kyocera makes your life easier by making your workplace smarter, putting your knowledge to work for competitive advantage. As a relentless pioneer and innovator for 60 years, they’re leading transformation in document control and information management to make businesses more agile, run more efficiently and be more customer-centric. They evolve as your needs change.

Their strong foundation of hardware sales and maintenance, extensive consulting services and business applications enables them to understand your needs and solve document-related issues through their Total Document Solutions approach.

Kyocera Document Solutions will continue to grow together with you, and be a partner that will contribute to your business growth.

We are here for you.

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