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Original Toner

Independent tests* have compared the image quality and the efficiency of original Kyocera toner with three compatible ‘3rd party’ toners. The result was unambiguous: only original toner can deliver prints of impeccable quality, the highest reliability of your printer or multifunctional, with the low environmental impact and the significant cost savings that you expect from a Kyocera device.

Beware of counterfeit toner
Counterfeit toner is manufactured and packaged to look like an original Kyocera toner. However, it certainly won’t deliver the same quality, reliability and performance. Counterfeit toner is illegally manufactured and sold at unusually low pricing.

What to look out for
The hologram on the original toner can be verified with a Handy Viewer (for more information, contact Kyocera). In order to be certain that a toner is genuine it is always advisable to purchase through an authorised Kyocera distributor or dealer.


  • Excellent image quality offered by advanced toner and colour technology
  • Increased productivity due to higher printer reliability
  • Maximum printer lifetime and full guarantee protection
  • Ecosys-technology: the drum is separated from the toner and does not need to be replaced with the toner:
  • => low TCO**
  • => low ecological impact
  • => low energy consumption
  • => low waste volume
  • Kyocera devices and toner are a perfect match!

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