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Modernize computing with ChromeOS

The workplace is evolving at a rapid pace. Hybrid work is becoming the new norm. Businesses demand more flexibility and mobility without compromising on security. Employees need cloud-based solutions now more than ever to stay productive.

This brings extra challenges for IT teams such as management and total cost of ownership of their IT fleet.

ChromeOS is a cloud-native, speedy, simple, and secure modern OS that powers Chromebooks and can provide an answer to today’s IT challenges.


ChromeOS is an easy-to-use operating system that requires a small or no learning curve. Deployment is easy since everything is linked to your Google account, simply log in and you’ll have access to all your data and apps. With “the everything button” you can access data, apps, or content online, all in one place.


ChromeOS devices come with proactive built-in security. Active threat protection fights external attacks and employee negligence, The read-only OS, verified boot, and blocked executables eliminate the need for third-party antivirus software.

ChromeOS uses sandboxing to keep sessions separate. So if one app or tab is infected, the rest is designed to stay safe. Last but not least, every ChromeOS device comes with a built-in security chip that encrypts your most sensitive data. Keeping your ChromeOS device safe.


ChromeOS runs primarily in the cloud, which makes ChromeOS devices fast devices. They boot up in seconds and don’t slow down over time. Furthermore, because ChromeOS devices come with two operating systems, updates are downloaded and applied in the background. Keeping your device up-to-date without losing time.


Customers who switch to ChromeOS devices gain efficiencies in reduced deployment, upgrade, and training costs. ChromeOS devices use up to 46% less energy to lower your device’s carbon footprint and are made with sustainable and recyclable materials. Furthermore, old Laptops can be turned into Chrome devices with Cloudready or ChromeOS Flex which prolongs the life span of those devices.

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