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ChromeOS Digital Signage


for Digital Signage

Digitizing customer and employee workflows are becoming increasingly important. Self-service, contactless and automation are keywords that keep coming back. Yet traditional legacy systems are no longer keeping up with customer and employee needs and expectations. Adoption of modern solutions is critical for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and continue to deliver great experiences.

Meet ChromeOS, everything you need to manage kiosk & signage devices

Set-up is simple

Configure policies, deploy apps, and update content remotely

Enroll device to sync policies, apps, and content automatically

Connect to display and remotely manage and monitor

Reduce maintenance with a modern, reliable OS

  • Fast deployment, push policies and apps automatically to devices
  • Manage devices from a single, cloud-based, easy-to-use console
  • Control updates and opt into long-term support channel to ensure reliability and compatibility
  • Remotely reboot or access devices if errors occurs

Ensure security and data safety

  • All executable files are blocked from running on ChromeOS where ransomware and viruses often hide
  • Timely security updates
  • No need for third-party antivirus software with built-in protection
  • Operating system files are kept in a separate partition and cannot be modified by apps or extensions

Monitor, control and manage remotely

  • The cloud-based Google Admin console allows you to manage signage and kiosk devices from anywhere
  • 500+ configurable policies to manage everything from Wi-Fi settings to granular device controls
  • Reporting and insights allow you to check status of devices remotely
  • Proactive email or text message alerts for devices that go offline or crash

Bring new life to existing hardware investments with ChromeOS Flex including purpose-built signage or kiosk devices

So Get started and try it out

Sign up for the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade trial sku at Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Free Trial – Chrome Enterprise

Interesting downloads

ChromeOS – Kiosk & Signage Upgrade One-pager

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