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ChromeOS Hybrid Work


for Hybrid Work

The sudden shift to remote work with the pandemic has radically changed how we live and work. It’s changed employee expectations, shifted business models, and transformed IT.

Many organizations have returned to a hybrid form of working, in which some employees are onsite while others work from home, or a combination of the two. This needs to be managed by the majority of organizations. 

Although work is transforming in unprecedented ways, employees are more overwhelmed than ever and employees want to return to the office more slowly than employers expect.

Which means with a hybrid workforce often distant from IT, it’s slow and difficult to get devices in the hands of employees. Continued common incidents of security breaches, information leaks, & malware attacks occur with remote work.

All these changes have confronted IT professionals with following challenges:

  • Slow and difficult device deployment
  • Increased security attacks
  • Poor user experiences
  • Limited IT budgets and resources
  • Managing change and employee expectations

How does ChromeOS with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade
tackle these problems?

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