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for Retail

The cloud transition has already fundamentally changed the way we live. It’s important to understand how this shift has brought heightened expectations for the way we work and the way we shop.

  • Benefits of shopping at physical stores should be the same as online
  • Ability to pick up items in the store or have them shipped to their homes
  • Reward store visits with loyalty points
  • Store associates need to have answers about product specs, availability and inventory on demand.

Customers expectations are higher than ever before.

To meet these expectations
retailers want

  • the ability to fix issues without losing productivity
  • access to their files and apps from anywhere on any device
  • single sign-on to accounts and applications
  • continuity of passwords, bookmarks, and plugins across devices
  • collaborate in real-time on documents and files

Chromebooks have grown hugely in popularity in schools, but ChromeOS largely flies under the radar when it comes to companies. That may seem a little unfair, as they’re a great alternative to traditional office laptops in a large number of cases. In this article, we take a look at the retail sector – with supermarket chain Jumbo leading the way.

Read the full article here!

How ChromeOS with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade
can be a perfect fit?

Legacy endpoints simply can’t support, and more importantly secure, these new ways of working and shopping. ChromeOS with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade is a secure way for retailers to put the power of the cloud in employees hands, enabling them to deliver an exceptional customer experience and delight customers in-store.


Workers can leverage the information and agility available in the cloud whenever and wherever they need it, whether providing real-time access to inventory on the retail floor or important promo communications in the back office.

Security and Simple management

IT can rest easy, knowing that protections are built in and simplified management mitigates end-user vulnerabilities, all while providing lower Total Cost of Ownership than legacy options. Devices can be managed and deployed through a cloud based admin console without being physically present on site.

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