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ChromeOS for SMB


for SMB

For SMB companies, the world of enterprise technology is constantly evolving, Digital transformation is a hot topic in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Today’s business environments are more virtual, more connected and seek collaboration more than ever before. Today’s workers are becoming more and more cloud workers that have their own needs and desires.

  • 1 in 4 of today’s workers are cloud workers
  • Average time spend in a web browser or cloud-connected apps is 4 hours per day
  • Today’s workers are mobile, and seek collaboration and fluidity of information

Legacy endpoints

Traditional legacy endpoints aren’t built to support these new ways of working. They require a high degree of maintenance by IT professionals to ensure virus updates, software updates, OS patches, hardware updates and data backup. IT admins need solutions that help them meet evolving demands.

ChromeOS with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade counters these issues with devices and software that are built for cloud workers. Chromebooks and ChromeOS allow fast deployment and easy management as your customers’ business grow.

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