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Victoria Luff

TD SYNNEX representative

We are “Team Waste”, a team of 5 enthusiastic colleagues that want to make an impact on our environment by reducing the amount of waste. We have therefore developed a number of projects for both the office and the warehouse.  

Our goal is simple: to reduce TD SYNNEX’s waste mountain! 20% less residual waste after one year through better sorting is the first step. To this end, the office and warehouse were equipped with waste sorting islands so that waste can be better sorted and thus recycled. We deploy waste warriors to guide, sensitize and inform so that everyone can contribute. Our starting point is the 5R principle: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.  

Ongoing actions are the introduction of a policy regarding the purchase of Non trade goods, the reduction of recurring printed documents, and much more if we think of the huge warehouse activities at TD SYNNEX. We encourage all co-workers to support to achieve this goal. 

Respect the Earth to keep enjoying it. Respect the Earth to keep enjoying it.

Victoria Luff



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