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Cathérine Meert

Facilities Manager TD SYNNEX Benelux

Mobility is one of our biggest polluters. One subgroup of the Climate Parliament set to work to develop a new mobility policy. For both company car and non-company car drivers. By thinking out-of-the-box, we arrived at an innovative, flexible and above all sustainable solution that offers something for everyone.  

For our company car drivers, electric driving is the most important spearhead. For colleagues without a company car, we mainly looked for alternative and creative ways to leave that petrol or diesel car at home. For example, we provide folding bikes for colleagues who come by train, or made (electric) cycling to work more attractive by offering the possibility to shower at work. We even help with providing rainwear and a hairdryer. So bad weather need never play a role again. We make use of tax-friendly schemes to purchase a bicycle and we encourage electric cars through a collective arrangement for personal leasing with Alphabet.  We have also extended our travel expenses scheme for everyone who comes to the office in a sustainable way. And of course, we make working from home extra attractive through tax-friendly schemes.  

As you can see, we pull out all the stops, so you can’t (and won’t) say “no” anymore.… 🙂  

Status mid 2023: in Belgium, we have 37 plug-in hybrid cars and 19 full electric cars. As of 2024 we will only order electric cars.

Go to bed with a dream. Wake up with a purpose.

Cathérine Meert



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