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Hans Schenkelaars

TD SYNNEX representative

As a society, we are up for the challenge to take much better care of our environment. Reducing our carbon footprint is all over the news since carbon emission is one of the main causes of global warming. The consequences are huge and visible all over the world.

As members of the climate parliament, we have created the Energy Saving box to inspire co-workers to check their own energy consumption. The examples given for a smart plug and the shower coach will hopefully provide insight into their energy consumption of the home office. Our goal is to help them reduce both water and gas and hopefully encourage them to check the consumption of their other devices at home as well.

Besides this box, we also created a pamphlet with 24 tips on how to take small actions to help our planet – this was sent by email, so we could save paper. We sincerely hope that our co-workers will try these and will talk about this initiative and its results to their friends and family. After all, we often see that enthusiasm works infectious. Therefore, we have also asked the receivers of the energy saving box to share their experience with the energy saving items.

We’re still not there, every step counts – even the small ones. And… think about it, when you save energy, you will automatically save some money as well.

Saving Today to Power Tomorrow.

Hans Schenkelaars



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