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Maxim Hendrix

Warehouse Manager

With our team of enthusiastic colleagues and management as sponsors, we want to take big steps towards TD SYNNEX ’s green transport = 100% CO2 neutral. This is a huge challenge, but naturally we see many possibilities. Of course, we cannot do this alone, we also need the help of our partners and customers! 

There are about 20 trucks arriving daily at our warehouse and leaving for our customers, but also freight from abroad arriving by boat/plane/train.  

Such a big step is divided into smaller short-term CO2 reduction targets. Therefore, we have already set some nice goals for 2022 and beyond

  • The Carton Load Optimization project: a collaboration in which we, together with an external partner, look at the possibilities for subsidy and cooperation with the Flemish Institute for Logistics. With this, we want to make our deliveries & packaging more sustainable by already greening the content of our transport. 
  • We talk to our carriers to make the ‘last mile’ green in all major cities. This means we would like to work towards all our transport to be electric within the major cities to the end customer.
  • We are currently preparing for the discussions we have started and are still starting with our vendors to see if we can work together to make transport greener and how we can support each other in this
  • In addition, we have organised a round table in the second quarter of 2022, bringing together stakeholders working together, such as vendors, carriers and some of our customers, in order to come up with new ways of making our transport more sustainable.

Also, our colleagues at TD Synnex HQ in Florida and our colleagues in other parts of Europe are very enthusiastic so we will be going big. Keep an eye on us and even more important: join us!

Be the change you want to see in the world and go to the green mile.

Maxim Hendrix



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