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Climate Parliament


We are the Climate Parliament

We want to make a statement! Our ambition is to be climate neutral in the Benelux by 2030. And that is a firm ambition because our CO2 emissions in 2019 were equivalent to running 1 windmill for 2.3 years or planting 260,500 trees. With one distribution center and six office locations, our CO2 emissions are mainly caused by our electricity consumption, vehicle fleet, air travel and waste.

That is why we started our Climate Parliament in early 2021. A group of more than 25 colleagues in the Benelux have put their heart and soul into reducing our CO2 through the first four initiatives. Meanwhile, the group has expanded to about 45 colleagues and in 2022, we will start a new round of initiatives to reduce our CO2.

Our mission

Saving our future by using green sustainable technology and transforming fundamentally our way of working has become the top priority of TD SYNNEX. 

We strongly believe that we can inspire our colleagues, customers and our vendors in accompanying us on this great journey towards zero carbon emission. 

Join us 

TD SYNNEX plays an important role in the IT ecosystem. We want to take responsibility and be held accountable for that. And we build bridges with our partners and reach out to them. Join us as a partner, vendor or new colleague on this sustainable journey.


CO2 NEUTRAL in 2030!



Do you have a great idea? You want to know everything about

our initiatives or do you want to become a climate ambassador?