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Due to experiencing an overstock of Samsung Mobile, Samsung wanted to boost the B2B sales.


Because of the timing of the campaign, TD SYNNEX Agency focused the campaign on the Spring Deals in Belgium.


Promo Newsletters were sent out to the TD SYNNEX customer database.


Samsung products are sold on the InTouch webshop of TD SYNNEX, so TD SYNNEX Agency placed advertisements on the webshop itself. TD SYNNEX wanted to create traffic and boost conversions.

Traffic to the products was acquired by a Leaderboard banner on the webshop, and by Search Ads. Search Ads are advertisements (of products) who pop-up in relevancy of your search.


TD SYNNEX Agency and Samsung achieved an ROI (return on investment) of a staggering 30.000% and a conversion rate of 57%.

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