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Dell organizes Networking Seminars for their customers and/or partners to show off new product lines and technologies they use in their products. Due to the pandemic, Dell could not bring together people in real life. The world was already saturated with livestreams and webinars, so Dell was looking to thank the participating customers and partners by stimulating them with something extra.



TD SYNNEX Agency organized a Webinar for Dell and added an incentive. All the registrants were asked to fill in a Survey, but the first 50 registrants could opt in for a Dell Lunch Box with meals for the day. TD SYNNEX Agency also made use of this Survey to learn their customer’s needs. The Lunch Box would be delivered the day of the Webinar.


The incentive persuaded the customers/partners to register for the Webinar faster, but it also did raise the satisfaction of the customers because they feel the appreciation of Dell more.

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