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Digital Marketing

In our multi- or omnichannel approach, we employ digital marketing as a crucial component of our marketing strategies. Our primary goal is to enhance the customer experience by delivering personalized interactions at the perfect moment, through the appropriate device, and at the ideal location. Our aim is to establish a strong presence for your brand in the minds of consumers, ensuring that when decision time arrives, they confidently select you.

Social Media

Need a hand in increasing your company’s social media presence to generate leads? Let us guide you, from creating a post to advising you on sponsored posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, … 


SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Let us help you optimize your written content to ensure that your website scores higher in the organic results of search engines such as Google. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) on the other hand, is advertising that will help your website to pop up when searched for relevant keywords.

YouTube Marketing

Want to let people see a video you created about your product on YouTube? We can advertise your video to the right audience, whether they showed interest or may be interested in that type of product.


Get Attention with Video

Video is consumed 60.000 times faster than text, and people remember topics 3 to 4 times better when explained in a video. We can help you with all your video productions!


A website is the home of your product or business. Everything starts or ends with it. Do you want to create a microsite, landing page, or a fully constructed website? Let us build one for you!

Check out our beauties of websites and be convinced.

Email marketing

Stay connected with your customers. Let them know what is coming and communicate on a regular basis.

We can help you reach out to your customers with our Email Marketing Automation. Whether it’s a newsletter, a promo mail, or a public service announcement: we always make sure the right customer has read it!

With our Email Automation, TD Agency can also create an Email Funnel where you always end up with quality Leads


Fill that Basket

If you have products to sell, you also need a platform to showcase those products.

We can build a personalized webshop for you that is automatically filled with the dynamic product information your customers want. Up to you to choose the brands and margins you want.

On demand

Any other digital request? Contact us!

Don’t hesitate to contact us!