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Due to stock problems resulting from the global pandemic, AOC-Philips mainly wanted to focus on awareness around the range of products. The product range was converted into ‘4 pillars of solutions to prepare for the future’. The aim was to inform customers about the different solutions for the workplace: the (home) office and mobile office.


Setting up a 360° communication plan: reach the customers on all possible marketing channels within TD SYNNEX. This contains E-commerce, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing and Print Marketing.


A microsite was launched on InTouch, which is the web shop of TD SYNNEX. The microsite included the ‘4 Pillars’ with extra information:

  • Pop-up Webcam Monitors
  • USB-C Monitors
  • Touch Monitors
  • Portable Monitors

‘Hotseller’ banners were added to the InTouch web shop homepage, linked to the microsite.


Because of the B2B aim of AOC Philips, LinkedIn was used as social media marketing channel. Organic and Paid advertisements were set-up on the TD SYNNEX LinkedIn page.


TD SYNNEX designs and distributes a printed magazine which all the registered customers receive monthly. AOC got a whole page and wrote about the 4 Pillars, where we added QR-codes linked to the tabs on the microsite.


At the start of each quarter TD SYNNEX introduces the ‘Crazy Sales Quarter’ package. This package contains 4 emails with a ‘Call me back’-option. The mails were set up to engage as many people as possible. The mail sequence was based on a self-designed Marketing Funnel. Only engaged people received all the emails, thus only quality leads could get picked up.



increase in page views


increase in users


increase in unique page views

TD SYNNEX not only created a lot more awareness and traffic on the website for the 4 Pillars of AOC-Philips products, but also gained reseller contacts in the process. Based on the lead scoring system, TD SYNNEX selected the most interested resellers, who then got contacted by the internal Sales Team to develop further opportunities.

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