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NetScaler App Delivery and Security

SASE stack

NetScaler has a load balancing and full SASE stack; these solutions allow organizations to provide secure remote access to applications and the internet. Bringing together zero trust access and on-prem or cloud delivered security into one architecture with a powerful analytics suite to troubleshoot at every layer.

App delivery and
security service

Manage, monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot your global hybrid multi-cloud application delivery infrastructure using APIs.


Application Delivery Controller is a purpose-built networking appliance (or virtualized) used to improve the performance, security, and resiliency of applications delivered over the web.

ADCs have gained traction due to increased demand for legacy load balancing appliances to handle more advanced application delivery requirements and improve application performance.


Application Delivery and Management solution to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the entire global application delivery infrastructure from a single, unified, and centralized console. ADM provides all the capabilities required to quickly set up, deploy, and manage application delivery in Citrix ADC deployments and with rich analytics of application health, performance, and security.

Analytics for security

An add-on for Citrix Daas or Virtual apps and desktop users. It applies policy based actions to protect sensitive corporate information. enables the generation of valuable insights and more focused actions to address user security threats. Also, machine learning supports highly predictive approaches to identifying malicious user behavior.

Secure Private Access (ZTNA)

Secure BYOD devices with browser isolation, watermarking, key scrambling, adaptive authentication and adaptive access policies based on device posture, location, and risk scores. Your employees get to the resources they need, on the devices they want to use. You keep data secure.

Web App and API protection

Protect any application, anywhere, with a holistic security approach that combines bot mitigation and volumetric DDoS protection with the proven Citrix web application firewall solution.

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