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Discover the TTU progam

What is TTU?

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Moving current on-premises licenses to the cloud version of the same product edition.

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Exchanging current on-premises licenses or cloud subscriptions to a new product or a more advanced product edition.

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Transition & Trade-Up (TTU)

A combination of the two. Moving current on-premises licenses to the cloud and exchanging them for a more advanced product edition.

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Get hands-on with TTU

From financial incentives and discounted licenses, to always-on security and hybrid cloud flexibility, TTU provides a myriad of clear benefits for your customers. But how can you help them to get the ball rolling?

This is where Citrix TTU and TD SYNNEX can help, not only by enabling the switch to the cloud, but also in understanding the concept and proving the benefits of TTU to your customers.

Get in touch with our TDAS Software team to review and spot your TTU opportunities.

Discover and learn the citrix
transition and trade-up program

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Financial benefits

Citrix Partner Cloud Accelerator (PCA) promotion for TTU provides an additional 8% upfront discount for Transition orders and an additional 16% upfront discount for Trade Up orders with a PSRP equal to or less than $175K USD Annual Contract Value. These additional discounts are incremental to existing channel discounts, and you will continue to qualify for Drive (via Incentive registration) on eligible opportunities.

Earn Drive rebate*: Cloud Transition: 8%, Cloud Trade-Up: 16%.

*Become Citrix Cloud certified (100% funding) to earn Drive.

Why consider TTU?

  1. The move to cloud doesn’t happen overnight – Plan for Hybrid Cloud.
  2. Making the move to cloud services radically simplifies Business Continuity planning.
  3. Citrix is the fastest and easiest way to take advantage of Azure Virtual Desktop benefits.
  4. Citrix has made it easier to make the move to cloud with new editions & licensing models.
  5. You no longer must decide between VDI or DaaS – You get both options with all Citrix virtualization cloud services.
  6. The choice is yours – Cloud or On-Premises – Citrix continues to give you both.
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