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Discover the CSP program

The CSP Program includes a three-level tiered membership


Acceptance to the CSP Program.


Additional requirements: technical certification in one product area; monthly recurring revenue.


Additional requirement: additional monthly recurring revenue.

The CSP Program membership is a two-year program unless otherwise agreed under the CSP Agreement. Under the CSP Agreement, membership starts on the date the CSP Agreement is signed (online) and ends two years later. When applicating, you will choose a Citrix Authorized CSP Distributor and remain with that distributor until the next annual enrolment period.

Because of the CSP program you gain access to Citrix Products and Support services. (The CSP edition Products and Support Services which are available under the CSP Program as defined in your CSP Agreement). The CSP Program gives you the “right to use” Citrix Products as the underpinning of your delivery infrastructure comprising your CSP Services and gives you, where applicable, the flexibility of a monthly “active subscriber” pricing and licensing model. You will be provided access to the most current versions of Citrix Products available in the CSP Program and only pay for actual end-user usage or accounts active during the previous calendar month.

Download the CSP onepager

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