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Securely manage, protect, and share your most important files.

Save time and space with WinZip, a powerful utility for file management, compression, encryption, and backup, featuring banking-level security, cloud integration, and robust sharing options.

The rise of cyber threats and data breaches is an alarming trend that affects individuals and businesses worldwide. Companies need to prioritize data security, and WinZip® has taken up arms offering state-of-the-art encryption and IT-managed controls for policy enforcement and regulatory compliance.

WinZip’s solutions are intuitive and convenient for secure file sharing and management, with cloud integration and file compression tools to optimize productivity. Our expertise in data security has earned the trust of millions of users, including large organizations in finance, healthcare, legal services, and government. WinZip is a reliable partner for organizations looking to safeguard their sensitive information in the face of growing cyber threats.

As the threat of cyber attacks continues to increase, WinZip remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to keep customers safe and productive.

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Save time and space with WinZip, a powerful utility for file management, compression, encryption, and backup. With banking level security, it keeps your files safe while optimizing storage space both locally and in the cloud. It also offers robust sharing options, automated backups, and PDF and image management capabilities that fuel your workflow beyond compression.

Available for Windows, Mac, and mobile.

WinZip Enterprise

Equip your teams with the tools they need to protect your organization’s critical data at rest, in transit, and in the cloud. WinZip Enterprise simplifies data security, policy enforcement, and regulatory compliance with IT controlled file encryption, compression, and sharing. It supports secure multi cloud file management and features a “break the glass” option for enterprise wide password and file recovery.

WinZip Courier

Sending email attachments securely has never been easier. WinZip Courier features military grade security and state of the art compression, enabling seamless sharing of any file or folder via email big or small. With seamless integration across all major cloud providers and support for Microsoft Outlook and webmail services, such as Gmail, just attach your files and let WinZip Courier do the rest.

WinZip SafeMedia

Employees need the flexibility to take files with them on the go. WinZip SafeMedia helps safeguard sensitive company data with an IT managed solution for removable storage devices that provides compression and military grade encryption. Tailor security policies to your organization’s needs and provide employees with an intuitive solution that integrates seamlessly into their workflow.

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WinZip Enterprise
WinZip Enterprise
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