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Alludo = Parallels, Corel, WinZip, MindManager

Over the past years Alludo and TD SYNNEX BE have continuously improved their cooperation to better assist our partners in their use of the Alludo Products. At TD SYNNEX BE we can offer you the full Alludo portfolio ranging from CorelDRAW to Parallels Secure Workspace (formerly known as Awingu).


Parallels is a global leader in cross-platform solutions, enabling businesses and individuals to connect to the applications they need on any device, anywhere.


MindManager is your strategic ally for visualizing concepts, organizing information, and unlocking creativity. Seamlessly capture, organize, and share your ideas with dynamic mind maps, empowering you to drive innovation and achieve your business objectives.


Corel is synonymous with innovation in design and creativity. Whether you’re a graphic designer, digital artist, or a business professional looking to make a statement, Corel has the tools you need. Unlock your creative potential and turn your vision into reality with Corel’s user-friendly and feature rich applications, ranging from graphic design to photo or video editing software.


WinZip has been a trusted name in file compression for decades, and for good reason. Streamline your file-sharing processes, reduce storage space, and secure your data effortlessly with WinZip’s intuitive interface and robust capabilities.

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