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Parallels Secure Workspace

Parallels Secure Workspace

Parallels Secure Workspace is a Unified Workspace that offers Zero Trust Secure access to your company software and files in a browser.

  • Access legacy, Web & SaaS apps
  • Access local office Desktops
  • Access company file shares
  • Zero Trust
  • Any Device (incl. B/CYOD)
  • Any Cloud

How is Parallels Secure Workspace being used by companies worldwide?

Secure VPN replacement

Don’t rely on technology from the 90s for your organization’s cybersecurity. Enable your business to adopt a Zero Trust strategy that makes secure authentication the default, encrypts all traffic, and eliminates local access to data.

Secure layer above RDP

The gateway translates RDP and xRDP streams into HTML5, making them available via the browser on any device, anywhere without the need for RDP agents on these devices. And it goes even further by adding security, aggregation, and collaboration features.

Intra-network gateway

This bridge between production and general-purpose networks eliminates the need for complex firewall rules and jump servers. It enables granular user-authentication controls and performs a protocol switch that adds an extra layer of security against threats migrating between networks via a single NAT entry.

Contractor access

No need to buy and manage hardware for temporary staff or contractors. No need to spend time installing complex agents or clients on devices that are not under your control. Let your contractors work with your applications, desktops, and shared files via browser on their own devices. with complete security.

Remote work and BYOD

Enable remote work via a unified, browser-based workspace that allows users to securely access their applications and files from anywhere, on any device (including unmanaged devices). No need for managed installations while ensuring both flexibility for employees and reduced IT management overhead.

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