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VMware by Broadcom

VMware, strengthened by its recent acquisition by Broadcom is currently undergoing a transitional phase. This transformation includes a simplification of the product lineup & packaging, a shift in licensing model and passage towards the Broadcom Advantage Partner program.

At TD SYNNEX Belgium & Luxembourg, we are enthusiastic about the additional possibilities this transformation can bring. We are more than ready to support you in navigating this change. Our ongoing commitment to the partner community means we’re here to help you adapt, embrace the new landscape, and continue thriving. Let’s embrace the future together!

Whether you’re currently working with us or not, our specialized VMware team is here to help.

Stay tuned for more news to come

Bookmark the TD SYNNEX News Hub & VMware by Broadcom Essential Partner Portal Information page, as critical documentation and information regarding the transition will be updated regularly.

Furthermore you can also explore your options in this new VMware era during a conversation with one of our colleagues! Feel free to book a short online meeting through the following link:

How to grow with VMware and TD SYNNEX

You want to start selling VMware? Or you are a VMware partner looking to improve his expertise?

Either way, you are making the right choice. Nonetheless, you might be facing commercial, financial and technical challenges. TD SYNNEX can help you tackle these challenges. Our team will answer your technical questions, can offer finance solutions, and will support you through the sales cycle.

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