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Knox Suite

All-in-one solution changes IT admin’s tasks
much safer, faster, easier

Knox Suite is a bundled offering of Knox solutions for enterprise mobility designed to address organizations’ needs related to security and management throughout the entire device lifecycle.

Secure, Deploy, Manage

Knox Suite is an all-in-one package that includes Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA. A comprehensive package of enterprise mobility solutions to secure, deploy, and manage corporate devices throughout their device life cycle.

Knox Platform for Enterprise

Provides defense-grade security and management features meeting the most stringent security requirements and standards.

Knox Mobile

Provides the most automated and efficient way to make device enrollment easier for both IT administrators and device users.


Monitors and manages a fleet of devices remotely and secures corporate data across multiple operating systems.

Knox Platform for Enterprise

Remotely controls OS version on devices without end-user interaction, enabling seamless update to fully tested version on time.

Device Life Cycle

End-to-end device security

Knox’s trusted environment ensures device integrity, from manufacturing to booting to runtime.

Automated device provisioning

Instantly provision corporate devices, right out of the box, as soon as powered on.

Wide range of
IT policies

IT administrators are provided with IT policies and management capabilities to meet compliance needs.

Advanced and ever-evolving platform

Knox integrates hardware and software that work together to give you the highest level of data protection.

EMM enrollment & configuration

Corporate devices are enrolled in EMM, and preconfigured IT policies are activated, all automatically.

Complete OS update management

OS version can be controlled without end-user interaction, enabling updates to a tested version on time.

Samsung’s security governance

Knox’s trusted environment ensures device integrity, from manufacturing to booting to runtime.

Fit for purpose
with ease

Standard Samsung devices are transformed into purpose-built appliances.

Available through partners solutions

Knox features are made available to businesses with various infrastructures and environments.

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