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Enterprise Editions

Galaxy Enterprise Edition Mobile Devices

A comprehensive package of mobile devices and services, business-ready out of the box. Get more choice, more control, and more protection with the Enterprise Edition package.

Why enterprise edition?


Security Support

Up to 5-year Security Maintenance Release

  • Upfront commitment for release cadence and timeliness
  • Keeping your business protected from mobile security threats

Business Continuity

2-Year Product Lifecycle / Cutting Edge Devices

  • Consistent market availability with seamless integration of best-in-class devices

Knox Solutions

1-year Knox Suite – Secure, Deploy, and Manage

  • Defense-grade security
  • Streamlined provisioning & configuration
  • Comprehensive device/OS management

With up to 5-year security maintenance release.

Have peace of mind that your devices are up-to-date and safe from mobile security threats. Regular and consistent Android and Samsung security patch updates and maintenance reports are guaranteed with Enterprise Edition – for up to five years.

Ensured with 2–year product life cycle.

Upgrade to smarter devices you can use for longer. Our two-year  product life cycle ensures consistency for device users and easier management for IT admins. Enterprise Edition devices are available to purchase for two years after their global launch.

Knox Suite license 1 year for free included in an Enterprise Edition device (advantage 55€/y/device).

Enterprise Edition provides you with a 1-year license for Knox Suite, an end-to-end solution for IT admins that covers all your steps through your enterprise mobility journey.

With tools to secure, deploy, and manage devices throughout their life cycle, your workforce can be up and running as soon as they turn on their devices, no matter where they are.

Getting started with Knox Suite

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