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Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft Hosting

Offer Microsoft products in a pay-as-you-go model

Purchase Microsoft services and hosted applications through a Service Provider on a monthly basis.

The licensing models available for offering Microsoft licensed products to customers

Licenses acquired under the SPLA are monthly subscription licenses. Please note that not all products are available in the three license models. For a list of Microsoft products available for each license model, review the Services Provider Use Rights (SPUR) document

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Per Subscriber

A Subscriber Access License (SAL) is required for each unique individual user or device that is authorized to access or otherwise use the licensed products. When using the SAL option, a separate Server License is not needed.


Microsoft Exchange Server
 Microsoft Office
Microsoft Dynamics business software

Per Processor

Each Processor License allows use of the software in a single operating system environment. Some products or functionality may additionally require SALs for users’ access.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP products
(for example, NAV, GP)

Computer CPU Core
Per Core

Core Licenses (CL) allow an unlimited number of users to access the server software installed on the server with a determined number of physical (or virtual) cores, generally without separate SALs. Per core includes Per Core (Applications) and Per Core (OS).


Microsoft SQL Server (Per Core (Applications)
Microsoft BizTalk Server (Per Core (Applications)
Windows Server** (Per Core (OS)

*Per Core Application only
**Access to certain Windows Servericles additionally requins

The benefits of SPLA

  • Deliver a customized service. Flexibility to deliver tailored IT services to your end users through a dedicated or shared hosting environment. Increase the value of your services by managing software use rights for your end users.
  • Pay as you go with no up-front costs. Pay only for licenses based on what you make available to provide software services for each month. There are no start-up costs or long- term commitments.
  • Access the most current product versions. Give your end users the most current and capable Microsoft platform. Download your products at no charge through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) instead of ordering physical media.
  • Offer software services worldwide. Use Microsoft products to deliver software services to end users in and from any part of the world where distribution is legally allowed.
  • Expand distribution capabilities through Software Services Resellers. Expand business reach to small and midsize businesses providing software services through other resellers.
  • Use Data Center Providers (DCP) for infrastructure capabilities. Have the option to focus on hosting your application solutions and acquire infrastructure as a service (laaS) from a Data Center Provider.
  • Take advantage Data Center Outsourcing. Install Microsoft products on servers under the day-to-day management and control of an outsourcing company (OC*) to deliver your software services based on your capacity and server management capabilities. The OC can then perform data center administration, testing, and maintenance support services on the end user’s behalf.

*Note: Beginning October 2025, DCPs and OCs will exclude Listed Providers.or any DCP or OC using a Listed Provider as a means of providing services to Service Providers

  • Try before you buy. Test and evaluate products internally before offering them to your end users as a service.
  • Install at end user facilities. Deliver software services on servers that are located on an end user’s premises under your management and control.
  • Expand your reach to academic institutions. Expand your business with specific price offerings available to academic organizations through the SPLA
  • Offer demonstrations and evaluations. You can give up to 68 user product demos on Microsoft software and provide your end users with a free 60-day trial period
  • Include your affiliates under a single agreement.
  • Master agreement with the Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA). Once an MBSA is in place, you only need to sign a shorter and more simplified SPLA every three years It also makes it easier to purchase Premier and Professional support.

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