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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

The smart way to resell Azure

Help customers modernize quickly—and achieve more—with flexible, secure cloud solutions

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, staying ahead requires the right technology infrastructure. Microsoft Azure, a comprehensive cloud platform, holds the key to success. While the prospect of Azure adoption might seem complex, TD SYNNEX is here to simplify the journey.

Microsoft Azure

Here’s why TD SYNNEX is your ideal Azure partner:

Customer Statisfaction
Unmatched Expertise

Our team possesses deep technical, sales, and licensing knowledge. With us, you’ll navigate Azure confidently.

Idea lightbulb
Tailored Solutions

Every client is unique, and we work closely to create personalized solutions, whether for business continuity, disaster recovery, or full cloud migration.

Recurring Revenue

Azure offers significant opportunities for ongoing income through its scalable services, ensuring financial stability for your business.

Stronger Relationships

Beyond immediate needs, Azure is a long-term strategy. Offering Azure solutions positions you as a trusted partner for your clients’ success.

Technical Support
Ongoing Support

TD SYNNEX is committed to your success. Whether you encounter technical challenges, licensing queries, or any Azure-related issues, we’re here to assist.

Migration and modernization

As businesses move more of their core operations to the cloud, many will be looking for expert support to rehost their mission-critical systems and data.

We can help you deliver valuable migration and modernization services that give your customers access to the newest high-performance, high-return technology. Whether shifting to Azure SaaS solutions or migrating to virtual machines, TD SYNNEX can help you find the most affordable, effective path to the cloud for your customers.

Business continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery don’t just mean restoring backups anymore. The smallest disruption can bring everything to a grinding halt and put businesses at a significant competitive disadvantage. Give your customers peace of mind with guaranteed uptime for apps, data, and infrastructure—and help them build more resilient organizations.

Expanded revenue

Once you’ve helped your customers establish the foundation for a truly modern infrastructure, we can help you build on it to further grow your business.

Give your customers cloud management services like monitoring and security, workload optimization, and even intelligent managed services, such as big data and advanced analytics. You’ll help your customers optimize performance and cost and get the right solutions for their needs, while you uncover new opportunities for larger margins and recurring revenue. And TD SYNNEX’s Microsoft certified engineers will help your customers build the hybrid cloud solutions they need with AI tools, IoT edge solutions, and industry specialists.  

Questions about Microsoft Cloud Solutions?