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Grow with the assistance of IBM Global Financing

Grow with the assistance of IBM Global Financing

The IBM Global Financing and TD SYNNEX Finance Solutions Netherlands portfolio enables you as a reseller to sell more IBM and Red Hat software and services and IBM IT infrastructure and faster and thus grow your business.

As a reseller of IBM software and of IBM hardware, both new and used, you can also win those deals that might otherwise be lost because the customer cannot get the right funding. We can offer you a range of financing solutions specifically designed for the sales and distribution channel. And with more financing options available to you and your customer, this opens the door to new business opportunities and successes.

The possibilities are extensive, which means that we can always put together a customised solution for you and your customer. A solution that fits the type of investment and the wishes and needs of you and your customer.

We will be happy to tell you more about it!

Increase the value for your customer

Include IBM payment solutions as part of your proposal to your customers. It increases financial flexibility and can help overcome budget constraints. And it’s available for IBM and Red Hat products, solutions and IT services.

  • Close more deals faster
    IBM payment plans can help you accelerate the customer’s projects.
  • Improve your cash flow and reduce risks
    Improve margins for your enterprise, get paid in advance and reduce risk, administration and billing costs.
  • Increase your margins
    Gain more opportunities, increase the value of each opportunity, generate more repeat customers and attract new ones..

This is the world of TD SYNNEX and IBM. Are you coming?