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IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud

Whether your customers are looking for public, private, or hybrid cloud, IBM has the answer. From cloud adoption and migration through to deployment and ongoing development, IBM Cloud is a robust suite of tools backed up by deep industry expertise.


IBM Cloudant uses advanced indexing and is able to push data to the network edge across data centres and devices. It ultimately makes for greater speed of access and increased fault tolerance.


Deployed either behind a customer’s firewall or hosted in one of IBM’s data centres, private cloud from IBM gives users complete control. Their cloud, their way.


With specific attention given to understanding the health of cloud applications and their interaction with one another, IBM are driving full realisation of truly integrated cloud environments.

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

A managed container service for the rapid delivery of applications. Cloud Kubernetes Service also allows for designing personal clusters.

IBM Cloud Internet Services

A set of edge network services to protect internet-facing applications from DDoS attacks, data theft and bot attacks.

IBM Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a full-featured, automated, agent-based backup and recovery system that backs up data between IBM Cloud servers in one or more data centres.

IBM Cloudant

Provides significantly faster deployment across the cloud thanks to a fully-managed, distributed JSON document database. Get data where it needs to be, fast.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Migrate and modernise VMware workloads more easily, and without refactoring with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

This is the world of TD SYNNEX and IBM. Are you coming?