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Webinar As A Service

Looking for lead generation?
webinar as a service at your service!

Already heard of Webinar as a service? Webinars are the perfect tool for lead generation for your sales. Use your webinars to connect your business with the products or the services you offer.

From now on, TD SYNNEX is happy to make your webinar a succes!

What can you expect from us?
  • We organise the webinar Zoom session
  • We will create a landing page with a registration form. This URL will be given to you in order to share with your clients
  • When people register, we send out automatic reminder mailers (1 day before the webinar & 1 hour before the webinar) to remind them that the webinar will take place
  • After the webinar we may send out another thank you mail, with the possibility to download a presentation or webinar recording
  • We host the webinar for you with the content we agreed upon during our intake meeting
  • … And last but not least -> Reporting: after the webinar we provide a detailed report
What’s not included?
  • Send out an invitation mailer, as we do not have the contact details of those end customers. This means that you are responsible for the registration invitations
  • Provide a speaker during the webinar
Organize your webinar?

Check with your Vendor for co-funding possibilities. (Starts from €2.250)

Also check out our recorded Vendor Webinars

Ask more info if you want to use this content in your own webinar for your clients.​ 

We are here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact one of TD SYNNEX’s Trusted Advisors.