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Storage upgrades

Maximize your IT budget

Did you know? 

Memory and storage upgrades can save you 3-5x1 versus buying new.

Overall benefits of upgrading

Save 3-5x vs. buying new
Faster memory and more storage for less
Spend savings on other necessary upgrades
Extend system lifecycle
Lower total cost of ownership
Boost productivity for more systems

Micron Upgrades

  • Increase efficiency and speed of deployments by increasing server SSD and DRAM
  • Extend the life and performance of existing infrastructure
  • Save on new server costs with Micron DRAM and SSDs
  • 5-year limited warranty on server SSDs
  • 3-year limited warranty on server DRAM

Crucial Upgrades

  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency
  • Enable PCs to quickly boot up, load files and run more applications with more efficiency
  • Award-winning support from the experts at Crucial
  • 3- to 5-year limited warranty on Crucial SSDs
  • Limited lifetime warranty on Crucial DRAM

Micron Technology, Inc. serves the global memory and storage market with two distinct and complementary brands: Micron® for enterprise, cloud and data center applications, and Crucial® for home, office and gaming systems.

Upgrading with either Micron or Crucial memory and storage can breathe new life into existing laptops, servers and data centers, all for a fraction of the cost of new replacements. Not only do upgrades increase performance and extend the life cycle of existing hardware, they save you time and cost 3-5x less than starting from scratch with new systems.

Based on internal analyses of various system prices when compared to Micron and/or Crucial component prices on and Reflects minimum and maximum calculated savings as of November, 2020. Illustrative of potential savings only as prices and savings may vary over time.

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