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Network intercoms solutions

Top-notch security with network intercoms

Network intercoms combine video surveillance, two-way communication, and remote entry control in a single device for secure, hassle-free physical access to your premises. With countless possibilities for integration and on-board intelligence such as analytics capabilities, they help enable better overall security. They can also easily integrate with your existing video or audio systems, allowing for smart triggers, for instance when a visitor is approaching. These scalable devices can be used with open-standard hardware or software. And, they can be connected to and powered by your existing IP network so there’s no need for special cabling.

Robust and secure video and audio devices

From university campuses to healthcare and critical infrastructure, with Axis network intercoms you can extend your security system for complete situational awareness. These robust, vandal-resistant devices fit perfectly in any indoor or outdoor environment. You can clearly see your visitors even in challenging light. And, you can speak to visitors and identify them from remote locations and easily grant access from a cell phone, IP phone, or Video Management System (VMS). Thanks to advanced audio capabilities, you can be sure to hear the conversation clearly. Plus, with models including an integrated RFID reader, you can easily integrate with your existing access control system and grant access to employees and known visitors.

Convenient accessibility

Axis network intercoms offer secure, barrier-free entry. They let you to speak with your visitors face-to-face from remote locations and thanks to outstanding audio capabilities, you can be sure to hear the conversation clearly. They also include accessibility features for hearing impaired individuals. Plus, models with an integrated access control reader (RFID) allow for secure, hassle-free physical access to premises for employees and known visitors.

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