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#1 in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

A single, modern platform for server and storage that allows IT teams to accelerate business processes while saving costs.

Complex Infrastructure.

IT teams are constantly juggling operational efficiency, complex infrastructure management, and cost reduction. What if you could have a solution that can deliver all three for you?

Interested in the advantages of VMware HCI?

eBook vSAN

Lift your IT-infrastructure to the next level IN THIS eBOOK:

  • The changing data landscape
  • What is HCI exactly?
  • Four characteristics of a solid HCI-solution
  • How to get started with hyper-converged
  • The VMware approach (and its benefits)
  • How to determine your needs and priorities


How does VMware make a difference?

vSAN is VMware’s Software-Defined Storage platform. By integrating vSAN with vSphere (hypervisor) and vCenter (management) into a single, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, you no longer need specialist knowledge or expensive storage devices; plus, you benefit from a scalable, secure infrastructure with optimal freedom of movement. There are 21,000 organisations using VMware vSAN already.

Did you know?

vSAN is fully integrated into the vSphere code? You never have to install or update your storage separately again!

VMware HCI consists of*

vSAN lookup


Best-in-class hypervisor

vSAN files


Popular and user-friendly
management platform

vSAN icon


Software-defined storage solution

*Easy to connect with VMware solutions for Backup, Replication, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery.

vSAN visual storage

but modern.

No more sleepless nights with the built-in high availability of vSAN. Is something broken? vSAN repairs itself automatically to stay in line with the set storage policies. Even at night, so you don’t even have to get out of bed!

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Easy management

From the familiar vCenter management interface.

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Full Control

By using storage policies in which the important business requirements in terms of availability and performance are recorded and can be linked per application.

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Reduce Risk and Complexity

By eliminating separate storage arrays and storage networks (FC/iSCSI). No specialist storage knowledge required.

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Save 40% on Infrastructure costs

Through the use of standard x86 server components and simplified management.

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One Tool. One Team.

Traditional environment vs. VMware HCI

Traditional environment vs. HCI based on VMware vSAN.
Because vSAN consolidates server, storage, and storage network into a single platform,
IT teams spend 50% less time on management.

Traditional SAN Environment
Hyper Converged Infrastructure based on vSAN

Flexible & scalable

You can scale VMware vSAN according to the needs of your organisation. You can start small with 10 VMs and 1 Terabyte of storage and easily scale up to thousands of VMs and Petabytes of storage. All without divestments.

Hybrid cloud-ready

Flexibility also means being compatible with all major public clouds. VMware vSAN runs in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, making it easy to replicate applications and move them without interruption between your own data center and the public cloud services.

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