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Google Workspace

Google Workspace, or GWS, is the collection of productivity applications that Google is offering to create, communicate and collaborate within your organization.

Docs, Sheets, Gmail and Drive are just some of the tools that GWS is offering. Time to discover all of them!

Connect, Create, Access and Control

You can divide Google Workspace into 4 large groups, being connect, create, access and control.

In each of those groups, there are several applications.
Click on each group below to find out more about it and the applications that are included.

Connect with your colleagues, clients, stakeholders.

Whenever and wherever you or they are.
Use Gmail for efficient emailing, Meet for secure video conferencing, Chat for instant messaging and Calendar for effortless scheduling.

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Google Workspace for Business and Enterprise

Google Workspace comes with five different product families. Business, Enterprise, Education, Frontline and Essentials
. They all have a few plan types to choose from.

Below you can find a short overview of the differences within and between the two most common product families in
Google Workspace

Click on the plan type for more information.

Business starter

1 – 300 users

24/7 support

30 GB pooled storage

Access to most apps like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet,..

Business standard

1 – 300 users

24/7 support

2 TB pooled storage

Everything Business starter has to offer

Gemini for GWS (add-on license)

Record and save meetings

Breakout rooms and polls in Meet

Advanced drive auditing & reports

Organizational branding

Business plus

1 – 300 users

24/7 support

5 TB pooled storage

Everything Business standard has to offer

Google Vault

Google Meet attendance reports

Advance mobile management

If you have questions about anything of the above, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information about Google Workspace Education, Essentials and/or Frontline,
feel free to reach out to us and we will help you with of all your questions.

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