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Screen you display

Display solutions of TD SYNNEX

Choosing the right display is important! 

It can impact:

  • Productivity at work
  • Your gaming experience
  • The movie you watch

5 things to consider


Display Technology

Different screens use various display technologies, such as CRT, LCD, LED, and OLED, with OLED offering the highest performance.



The total number of pixels in a display determines its resolution, with higher resolutions like 4K delivering clearer and more detailed images.


Screen Size

Screens come in a range of sizes, with larger screens generally preferred but costing more, making medium-sized screens a cost-saving option for multiple setups.



Screens have ports like DisplayPort, DVI, and HDMI that allow for connections between the monitor and the computer.


Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a display indicates how many times it updates with images per second, with higher rates like 144 Hz resulting in smoother motion.

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