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VMware by Broadcom – Positioning & Portfolio Simplification

A monumental shift is happening as VMware, now strengthened by its acquisition by Broadcom, simplifies its product lineup and transitions its entire licensing model.

This transformation will bring:


A dramatically simplified product portfolio across all divisions. VMware has listened to your feedback, and the resulting shift aims to provide greater value for your investments in their solutions.


The complete transition to subscription licenses for all VMware offerings. By moving from a perpetual to a subscription model, VMware will provide you with an improved service experience, faster time to value, and predictable investments.

Keep your eyes peeled for the main changes taking place in the VMware Cloud Foundation division portfolio, specifically the new two-tiered model of VMware Cloud Foundation for enterprise-class customers and VMware vSphere Foundation for mid-sized to smaller customers.

Just another step towards innovation, simplicity, and flexibility, this comprehensive transformation is set to help you, our partners, and the end customer succeed in the digital journey! It’s a significant milestone for VMware, driven by customer and partner feedback.

And rest assured, VMware didn’t forget the entry-level customers that want to run a vSphere-based infrastructure.

Catch all the details (including some must-read FAQ’s) in the news article right here!
VMware by Broadcom Dramatically Simplifies Offer Lineup and Licensing Model – VMware News and Stories

Stay tuned for more news to come

Bookmark the TD SYNNEX News Hub & VMware by Broadcom Essential Partner Portal Information page, as critical documentation and information regarding the transition will be updated regularly.

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