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The evolution of laser printers and Kyocera’s impact on the Belux market

Laser printers have come a long way since their inception, revolutionizing the way we print documents and images.

In recent years, Kyocera has established strong presence in the Belux market.

By consistently investing in visibility, we are ensuring that our brand remains top-of-mind for resellers and potential customers. This results in increased sales and market penetration

With our loyalty agreements we offer the resellers a direct price advantage, regular communication, relevant marketing materials and support. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and exceptional after-sales service has earned us a loyal customer base.

Kyocera’s ECOSYS line up goes from A4 entry level printers and MFP’s to A3 printers and MFP’s, covering a wide range of customer needs in the market.

Kyocera’s laser printers and MFP’s stand out from competitors in the Belux market thanks to their exceptional features and technologies.

• Kyocera’s innovative approach:

As a leading manufacturer of laser printers, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in the printing market. Our commitment to research and development has resulted in cutting-edge technologies that enhance productivity and reduce environmental impact.

• Focus on Sustainability:

Kyocera has gained recognition for its sustainable approach to printing.  With our ECOSYS line of laser printers, Kyocera incorporates long-life components and low energy consumption, reducing waste and carbon footprint. This sustainability-focused approach has resonated with environmentally conscious consumers in the Belux market.

• Customization and Efficiency:

Kyocera offers a range of laser printers tailored to meet specific business needs.  Our printers come equipped with advanced features like wireless connectivity, mobile printing capabilities and cloud integration, enabling seamless workflow and improved efficiency for businesses.

Kyocera Shop model, upselling through click only contracts:

With this online tool we are making it easier for resellers to streamline the purchasing process and manage their contracts. It brings resellers an enormous advantage in terms of profitability on our brand, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty towards the brand.

Van de Voorde Lieve

Distribution Manager
Kyocera Document Solutions

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