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NIS2 – An opportunity to future proof your organization

Microsoft Security

NIS2 is more than just a compliance exercise, it’s an opportunity to build trust with your customers and help ensure you’re ready for whatever cyber threat tomorrow might bring.

What is NIS2?

The Network and Information Systems 2 Directive – commonly referred to as NIS2 – represents the most comprehensive EU cybersecurity legislation that the region has ever seen. Slated to go into effect on October 17, 2024, NIS 2 covers 15 sectors and over 160,000 companies – including those with more than 250 employees.

The purpose of NIS2 is to establish a baseline of cybersecurity measures for organizations that provide essential services. This includes organizations in the public and private sectors, across industries ranging from finance to transportation to healthcare.

Preparing for NIS2 will require companies to rethink the tools, processes and skills that reinforce their cybersecurity.

Why has NIS2 been introduced?

A significant update to the original NIS directive, NIS2 comes at a time when Europe’s cybersecurity threat landscape continues to quickly evolve.

Since the war in Ukraine began, nation state attacks have increased, according to Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report. These bad actors have become more sophisticated, using automation and remote access technologies to attack a wider set of targets –often looking for a vulnerable point of entry within IT supply chains. And often targeting critical infrastructure.

In fact, the median time for an attacker to begin moving within a corporate network is less than 2 hours.

Why should NIS2 be a priority?

NIS2 represents an opportunity for organizations to ensure they have the people, processes and partners in place to protect operations, ensure business continuity and enable digital transformation. What’s more, working to ensure NIS2 compliance will help build confidence among customers, partners and shareholders.

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